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74 people have RSVP’ed so far, INCREDIBLE! Please check back from time to time to see updates to the list, and don’t forget to RSVP yourself if you already haven’t.

Here are the names of the 74 so far:

Ahmiyah  Mosley
Amanda Frederick
Amanda Jester
Amanda Reed
Amanda Schell
Anthony  Tridente
Anthony Troutman
Ashley Gallagher
Barry Gaither
Bill Caron
Brittany McCune (Sutherland)
Brittany Pryor
Chanel Purnell
Chelsea Maguire
Christopher  Haynes
Danei Apollo
Darnell Muse
Deja  Gorman
Demi Moore
Elizabeth Griggs
Elizabeth O’Brien
Heather Crist
Jackie Koukounaris
James Profitt
Janaya Butler
Janean  Ciancia
Jenna Gillespie
Jessica Doberstein
Jessica Law
Jessica Mitchell
John Gaines
Johnathan Anthony
Jon Pitzo
Joseph Purnell
Justin Adamek
Justin Lunn
Justin Mencer
Kacie Fry
Katie McKeown
Keith Blackstone
Kelly Singley
Kendall Gagne
Keri Higgins
Kevin  Brown
Kiara Poussaint
Korniece  Sudler
Kristin Bouchard
Kylie Milnes
Laura Hultzapple
Lauren  Schilling
Lauryn Genthert
Leo Kelly
Lindsay  Hayes
Lou Caratello
Maggie Hurley
Matthew  Cinaglia
Meghan Gray
Michael Hamilton
Michelle Miller
Mike Smith
Mike Wilson
Molly Caber-Santiago
Nick Hoag
Nikole Prescott
Numair Qureshi
Porschè  Pinder
Rachael Hower
Raymond Peters
Rebecca Fasciglione
Roccele Okolowski
Sara Curl
Sarah Sizemore
Shannon  Wright
Shannon Behan
Shasta Mitchell
SKIP  Sparks
SKIP Sparks
Stacey Sninchak
Stefani Scheck
Stephanie  Nonemacker
Theresa Hunter