Poll Results!!!

Recently, we ran a poll to determine the best course of action to take with our ten year reunion. Along the way, we received approximately 110 RSVP’s, and we received approximately 124 poll results. The numbers are staggering, and I am going to explain all of them here.

Whoa! This is exciting. I am happy that most of the people who responded to the poll were from our graduating class (2007). This is incredibly important as you will soon see.

Out of 124 responses, 87.8% want to go to the reunion. You have to understand the significance of this number. The other important number is the 11.3% that is going to attend only if a large number of people attends.

These numbers are important because they show us that the majority of the pollsters WILL go, and once they purchase their tickets, a whopping 11.3% more will also go. Only 1.4% said they weren’t interested in going for the time, but their opinion could change.

Absolutely nobody said “I’m not interested at all.”

This means that there is a LOT of interest for the event, and a lot of people will show.

Now, let’s just pretend that these numbers are completely accurate and reflective of reality. If they are, that means that 110 people are definitely going (88% of 124 responses).

You would think that 110 people aren’t a whole lot, but you’re going to soon see why this number could actually be wildly significant for us.

The majority of students are okay with people from other years attending. We’re going to have to favor 2007 first, but once those seats are filled, we’ll open up the floor to students from other years.


THIS- THIS NUMBER is a game changer. Let me explain why. 56% of the pollsters said they are definitely bringing someone with them.

That means those 110 people above are bringing 62 people with them. The turnout now reflects 172 people total.

But, wait, if you thought that was impressive, I didn’t even mention the 17% who said “maybe” to bringing a +1.

If that 17% is fulfilled, then that could mean another 22 people.

Now we’re at 192 people.


Half of the people who are going will be taking someone who didn’t go to Chi. This means we’ll be seeing a lot of new faces, but the other half will consist of people we already know. Exciting.

The audience responded- November it is. And honestly, this is the best time because people are home for thanksgiving. I love the variety of responses, though. It’s interesting that some people even chose January.

THIS was Interesting. The majority of you folks resoundingly chose to have this event take place at the Ballroom at Boothwyn. Another 28% wanted it at the Waterfall Banquet Hall.


We love the responses here. People want to dress up, but they don’t want to wear a tuxedo. However, we’re working on a dress code that matches the theme we want. We’re going to be introducing to you more ideas around the them in the upcoming days. For now, these responses helped us to get a general understanding of how people wanted to present themselves at the event. 27% wanted it to be really formal. 73% wanted business casual. A very small percentage wanted street wear.




40% said that they would be comfortable with spending 55 dollars at Ballrooms in Boothwyn.  But then 20.2% would be okay with spending 80 dollars at Waterfall. And then another 24.2% would be okay with spending $65 at Ballrooms at Boothwyn. Crazy enough, these percentage markers hover around the higher end of the price tag. What this means is that you are willing to spend money to have a good time.

End Note

We are going to take this information and help us to finalize the Ballroom selection. It is still a toss up between Ballrooms in Boothwyn and The Waterfall. I want to see if we can bring the price for Waterfall down.

With a potential 200 people showing up, we have to be careful about space. Ballrooms at Boothwyn allow for 150 people in their room, but that space can be stretched to 250.

Waterfront allows for 300 guests, but the space can be stretched to over 400.

This event looks like it’ll generate at least 200 participants, so we have to be careful about where we host it.

Talk to you soon,


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